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The Vagaries of Suburban Life and Corporate Work

Haverford Township, PA – That I made it back to Philly isn’t perfectly true. In fact, I haven’t stepped foot in the city since I’ve been back. The closest I came was last Friday evening when I ended up accidentally at 69th Street Station, in Upper Darby, just shy of the city line. But let’s back up so I can explain my route. The shuttle bus servicing Great Valley Commons – a sprawling complex of bland commercial space, big parking lots, greened up with saplings and sod – carries me to the Paoli Train Station from Malvern. There I hop… Continue Reading

From Around the Travelsphere

Travel news and notes for the week ending Sept. 25, 2010. Visiting the Vatican? Better Cover Up Call Dan Brown because there’s a new cover up going on in Vatican City. The religious authorities are refusing entry to tourists wearing what it claims is inappropriate attire. China Discourages Travel to Japan In the wake of an escalating diplomatic row involving a Chinese fishing boat that Japanese officials say entered its waters, China has now discontinued promoting tourism in Japan. Documentary Explores Drug Cartel Travel Methods The latest installment of a documentary series exploring the U.S.-Mexican border highlights drug smuggling routes… Continue Reading

Comp Time with Federal Inmate Brent Delzer

Submitted Photo Tomorrow, Brent Delzer, 36, will begin what he hopes is only a four-and-a-half year odyssey at the very bottom. At 2:00 p.m., he’s scheduled to turn himself in to federal marshals in Madison, WI, to begin serving a federal prison sentence. Last month, he pleaded guilty to an indictment alleging he was part of a marijuana trafficking conspiracy that lasted from 2000 to Nov. 8, 2004, the day his best friend and supplier, Amos Mortier, went missing. Mortier’s disappearance sparked a massive federal drug investigation reaching across five states and into Canada. According to federal court documents –… Continue Reading

From Around the Travelsphere

Gypsies on the Move The New York Times takes us this week to Romania, where the historically reviled and largely uneducated Gypsy population is taking advantage of Europe’s porous borders and decamping the motherland for wealthier places. But some countries are taking controversial steps to keep them out. Boeing’s Space Tourism Plans Have Lift-Off Entering into a partnership with Space Adventures, Boeing aims to ferry astronauts and tourists to the space station by 2015. But will Congress let NASA be privatized? Start saving now just in case, because that window seat will set you back a few bucks. The Joy Continue Reading

Hobbled in the Mountains: Purple Thunder Narrowly Makes it Home

Setting out on an 850-mile road trip in a vehicle that’s been in the shop three times in just as many weeks might seem like a fool’s errand, but I needed to be back in Philadelphia by Sunday evening so I had little choice. I’d already missed an entire work week due to two fuses that, for reasons not even the mechanics can figure out, keep blowing. The week previous I made it as far as Shannon, Illinois before they popped. Sixteen fuses and $1,600 later, I was assured that all was good in the hood. And all did go… Continue Reading

General Happenings at The Feral Scribe

Spooner, WI Today is Labor Day, which for many of us spells the end of summer. School begins, vacations end and we begin prepping ourselves for the trappings of winter. I’m spending the day in Madison, WI, waiting for repairs to be made on Purple Thunder, my trusty van that appears to have a rogue wire grounding out somewhere. In the last three weeks I’ve had to replace a battery that was less than a year old, as well as a fuel pump that fizzled out. I was on my way back to Philadelphia when my brake lights, blinkers and… Continue Reading

Hooping for Happies: A Man Discovers His Passion

Madison, WI – One of the best things in life is the arousal of passions so ardent that whether we’ll throw our lives to their full pursuit is never in doubt. Meet Andrew Barthel, who, two months ago, had such a passion set ablaze when “I was at a rave in the Wisconsin Dells and I saw the most beautiful woman hooping.” Hula-hooping that is. “I fell in love with it,” he says. A short while later, Barthel, 41, went on sabbatical from his job and began designing, decorating and selling custom hoops. He spends his days hooping outside of… Continue Reading

The Lonely Shadows of Lanark

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