Monthly Archives: December 2010

Thanks a Billion, Snowflakes!

I was more than a little eager to get back to Philly, to return tomorrow to work since I missed much of last week to be here, and to focus feverishly on the business of traveling and writing. But the specter of disappointment loomed. In case you haven’t heard, an important blizzard blanketed the east coast with more than a foot of snow, causing major delays in air travel. Before leaving today for the airport, I checked Continental’s website, which said my flight was scheduled to land in Philly on time. But when I go to check-in, I double check… Continue Reading

Flying Fears

It happens each time I fly. In the run up to departure, I become obsessed with reading about great accidents in aviation. I like reading determinations of causes. What failed? What went wrong from there? Did anyone survive? It’s oddly comforting, as if the possibility of understanding why the plane I’m on is falling might improve the experience if not the odds. Yesterday at work I spent some time reading about plane crashes. Some crashed through the fog into mountains. Some plummeted into the sea. Others fell at steep angles into neighborhoods and farms and forests. But I think the… Continue Reading

12 Hours in Manhattan

Manhattan Island, New York – There was no point to the trip other than to just go, get out of Philly for a minute and walk around Manhattan without an itinerary or plans except to see some things and drink a lot. We bought our $25 round trip bus tickets to New York, and set out early Saturday morning for the Big Apple. Dustin, exhausted from his previous evening at a Prince concert in North Jersey, slept most of the way up, which was a smart move. Except for the times we sat on bar stools, we were on the… Continue Reading

Standing with a Dopeman in the Footsteps of a Strangler

The vacant lot where the Kensington Strangler murdered his first victim on Nov. 3, 2010. Kensington, Philadelphia – With not much on the agenda today I thought I might make cookies, but I instead put on my Sunday best and headed north to the badlands where a man dubbed the Kensington Strangler has murdered two, but maybe upwards of four woman in recent months and has choked and raped just as many. Several people, including myself, disembarked the el at the Somerset Station. Slow walkers they all were and it seemed like an eternity passed before the line traversed the… Continue Reading