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Highway History: Myself, a Marker and the Massacre

Near the confluence of the Bad Axe and Mississippi Rivers, outside of Victory, WI. Victory, WI – The nation’s highways are dotted with commemorative plaques, memorials and points-of-interest. Wisconsin alone has 520 such markers, each offering a tidbit of state-approved history. Many of these markers are tributes to obscure local figures, events or milestones, significant to few beyond the civic boosters who raised the money for their creation. Most are forgotten as quickly as they’re read. But every once in a while one will arouse the imagination and compel you to contemplate an unimaginable history. Here, just south of Victory,… Continue Reading

This Bud’s for You, Dad

My father, for most of his life, operated a printing press. He was also a de facto brand evangelist for Anhueser-Busch. The same way some men wear cufflinks, my dad, you could say, wore a Budweiser. When I think of him, I don’t see his face, but rather him gripping a can of Bud. Of the things my father passed onto me nothing has given me greater pleasure than his love for beer. If it’s truly every parents desire to see their children better off than they, my father should be pleased that by the time I reached legal drinking… Continue Reading

Loud but Peaceful: A Day of Protests

Madison, WI – Altering the character of a state is relatively easy. First, you simply have your party take control of all three branches of government. Next, you cram some 1,500 provisions into a budget bill which you then pass in a special legislative session that limits time for debate on those provisions. If the people express concern about what you’re doing, you simply tell them in so many not-so-subtle ways that their opinions don’t matter and aren’t even worth considering. Here, the “will of the people” is merely an extrapolation of the will of conservative think tanks, corporations and… Continue Reading

Outtakes from Madison’s Farmers’ Market

Madison, WI – One of the things I missed most about Madison while in Philly was the extraordinary farmers’ market held each Saturday during the summer on the Capitol Square. It’s the largest producer-only farmers’ market in America. Sure, Philly had the Italian Market, Reading Terminal Market and a glut of small neighborhood farmers’ markets run mostly by the Amish. But Madison’s Saturday Farmers’ Market is truly a community affair, drawing hundreds, if not thousands, to downtown to buy smoked meats, cheeses, baked goods, produce, syrups, tree nuts and flowers. Many come to advocate various causes or play music. Whatever… Continue Reading

Sidetracked in Madison

Sunbathers on a pier at the UW Memorial Union. So, I feel really bad neglecting my duties here at The Feral Scribe. As you may have guessed from the dateline, I’m still in Madison. I’m  awaiting decisions that will assist me in figuring out what to do with my life. Earlier this week I had a job interview that may or may not have gone well (I can never tell). It was one of those rare opportunities that I jumped at, though I’m pretty sure I’ll be edged out by someone with more experience. A decision will likely soon… Continue Reading

Sunday in La-La Land

Madison, WI – This city is if full of weirdos and quacks and people too enlightened for their own good. On this Sunday, The Feral Scribe took note of a few events that occurred around the city, showcasing community-owned ethos regarding public spaces. First was a bring-your-own picnic and boom box event held on an unused slice of public land once slated to become an urban village. The second involved bicyclists who overtook two of Madison’s arterial roads and the third concerned a city-endorsed tent town that sprouted up this weekend across from the Capitol building. « Previous Next »… Continue Reading