Monthly Archives: July 2012

My Curious New Guest

Española, NM – As I pulled into the driveway after work yesterday I noticed a dog across the road hobbling along. She had white fur, big expressive eyes and, if not for the fact she was terribly emaciated, you’d say she was a beautiful animal.  Before driving through the gate and over the little bridge toward my casita I came to brief stop and in one of those moments the animal and I locked eyes. A short while later I went for a walk when I noticed the animal sitting against my van. Up close I could tell it wasn’t… Continue Reading

Don’t Wear Flip-Flops in Española Because You Might Stub Your Toe and Catch AIDS

Española, NM – If I have a major pet peeve it’s wearing socks. Hate’em. Absolutely. Positively. Instead I wear flip-flops. The cheap Old Navy brand that sell for $2 a pair. Because they’re cheap they don’t last long and I end up buying several pair over the course of a summer. According to my projections, however, I’m going to save a little money on flip-flops this summer for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve been informed after three months of doing so that I’m not allowed to wear flip-flops to work. Apparently this is codified in the employee handbook or… Continue Reading

Tragedy’s Highway Décor

Rio Arriba County, NM – It wasn’t the first descano my eyes landed on that unsettled me. That came later, after I developed a sense of just how many descanos adorn the county’s highways, each one representing a life taken. Automobiles remain the most dangerous mode of transport so there’s nothing unusual about lives claimed on America’s roads. But unlike northern New Mexico, few places have descanos, which provide a visual tally for those numbers. If added up you’d have an approximate body count for a particular stretch of road. There is no escaping them. Even in the most rural… Continue Reading