Stood-Up by the Sasquatch Hunter

Overton County, TN – Earlier this year I spoke with Jeffrey Teagle, the self-proclaimed Chattahoochee Bigfoot researcher, about accompanying him on a bigfoot research expedition. He replied that in May, him, Janice Carter and Igor Burstev would be in Tennessee doing field research in Overton County and invited me to join them. They had reserved a cabin in Standing Stone State Park, where, Teagle said, is one of several areas in the south where clans of Sasquatches live.

He said they’d be there May 19 – 21. All good. See ya then. I began researching Janice Carter and Igor Burstev.

Janice Carter was born and raised in Tennessee. In 1947, her father discovered on his farm an injured juvenile Sasquatch, which he nursed to health in a barn until the creature’s parents came for it. That Sasquatch, who they christened Fox, returned frequently over the next several decades for the food the Carter family graciously gave. Burstev even once drew a picture of Fox accepting garlic cloves from Carter’s hand. Being a child raised amongst such company, Janice came to understand the Sasquatch language. Years ago, she published the Sasquatch syllabary, which has been debunked by several linguists.

Burstev, curator of the Darwin Museum in Moscow, has been on the Sasquatch trail for almost 40 years. He’s visited the Carter family farm and Standing Stone State Park, concluding that Sasquatches do in fact inhabit its lush forests. On the Internet, you can find pictures of Burstev rolling around in Sasquatch nests, showing off his plaster Sasquatch footprint casts and pointing generally toward vague locations. Teagle explained Burstev was coming to Tennessee not only for research, but to also give a very important Internet radio broadcast on the topic.

Teagle’s own interest in Sasquatches began in 1997, after seeing one cross the highway along the Chattahoochee River, which runs along the Alabama-Georgia border. In the years since, Teagle says he’s identified four areas where he’s habituated himself amongst various Sasquatch clans. He sits with them, feeds them, leaves them trinkets. “They’re not as big as you’d think,” he told me during a phone conversation earlier this year. “They’re hairy, not as tall as I thought they’d be, and have black skin. They look kind of how an African-American looks.”

Ouch! Not a cool thing to say, but I bit my tongue, chalking it up to some sort of subliminal racism, Teagle being from Alabama and all. But I wanted to feed one, like the goats at the children’s zoo. However, there weren’t any guarantees, he continued. Apparently, they’re very finicky. Don’t like their pictures taken. It takes time to earn their trust. Or, as my buddy Nick put it, Sasquatches tend to exhibit a complete aversion to legitimate people.

“I don’t see them every time I’m doing research,” explained Teagle. “It depends on how they feel about the situation.”

So, on Wednesday, May 19, I arrived at Standing Stone State Park, got a campsite and waited for this trio to arrive. Several hours passed. I returned to the office. “Has Jeffrey Teagle checked in yet?” I asked.

The registrar pulled out a huge book, flipped to this week’s dates. “Actually, he’s not scheduled to be here until tomorrow, the 20th.”

Okay. No problem. I’ll hang at my site and enjoy nature. Trees. Bugs. Dirt. Build a campfire. Twiddle my thumbs. Roast a wiener. Pace. Read a little. It was rainy. Cold. Icky. I was alone. All alone. That night, as the sun set over the Cumberland Plateau, I did worry a little about the Sasquatches. After all, they are nocturnal. Or so they say.

The next day I dorked around the park, with more than 8-miles of hiking trails traversing 11,000 acres that hug the large Standing Stone Lake. Around noon, I returned to the office. “Has Jeffrey Teagle checked in yet?”

He hadn’t.

So I drove into Livingston. Walked around. Drove around. Made some calls. Wrote a little. No wi-fi anywhere. Not even the library. It had been down for two weeks. Around 3 p.m., I returned to the park office. “Has Jeffrey Teagle checked in yet?”

He hadn’t.

I returned to the campground. Cooked lunch. Then showered. I went back to the office just before it closed for the evening. “Has Jeffrey Teagle checked in yet?”

He still hadn’t.

In the distance I could see a dark blanket of clouds moving toward Livingston. More rain was on the way. The ranger asked if I was staying another night. I wasn’t sure. It depended on whether Jeffrey Teagle, the Chattahoochee Bigfoot Hunter, arrived. “Well, if you decide to stay, you can just pay tomorrow.”

It was becoming clear that my odds of seeing bigfoot were better than seeing Jeffrey Teagle, that I’d been stood up by a Sasquatch hunter. I told the registrar that I wouldn’t need another night and rolled out as the storm rolled in, wondering who was the bigger fool.

And that’s how that story ended.


  1. Nathan Davis says:

    I am sorry that you got stood up at Standing Stone, it is a great park, and I have had experiences out there that I can not explain. I would not totally brush the subject aside because of one researcher…

  2. Mary Green says:

    Standing Stone used to be a good area to research, but no longer since Janice Carter and Jeff Teagle brought the BFRO in to it.  It is public land and anyone can obey state forestry laws and park laws and find bigfoot in about any state park in most states of this country. I only experienced lies from Mr. Teagle and him crashing in my home expecting me to feed him and house him while he was here.  Teagle knew nothing when I met him about ten years ago, and in my opinion he still knows nothing.  I’m truly sorry about your visit and no show from this man, but we all learn as we go.  I remember a completely radical bigfoot researcher named EB and he always said to trust no one.  He and Teagle were great buddies and now Teagle and Carter are a real item.  Any who become involved with them should take great care. They both wish to bilk the innocent out of their money and hope to gain great fame and glory.  Neither wishes to protect but to kill the bigfoot, I have heard.  I know I have been taken the worst from them and more than any other person maybe except for LL and Dr.B.  and a few others.  I do hope you at least enjoyed the scenery at Standing Stone, as it is indeed a beautiful area to see.

  3. Wow,This is the first time I have heard of this. Well sir! We were there May 19-24, 2010 and we never saw you. In previous communications via email, I personally told you that we’d be in Cabin 1. So much for your understanding and detail, especially if you self proclaim yourself as a writer or journalist.As for Nathan Davis and Mary Frapier Green, some years ago they and others mutinied my organization as they also tried to do with The BFRO and GCBRO. I can only expect nasty and “gut-punching” responses from either of these  two individuals.Mary Green is simply an overly FAT old lady living off of social security and other tax peoples money simply because she’s TOO damn lazy to work and suffers from mental illness as well as hypochondria!NEVER contact me again sir as you have posted untruths and have decided to listen to the rants and bitter-tones of an overly large, dried-up bigfoot researcher of which is Mary Green. Maybe you should get your information from her under the guise of that “poor pitiful old lady crap!”You sir ARE A DISAPPOINTMENT! I’ll be sure to relay to everyone that I know in the bigfoot research realm to AVOID you at all costs.

    • Nathan Davis says:

      Jeff I never said anything negative in my post about you. I don’t understand the nature of your attack. I also never mutinied against your group. I help create the UBRG that I have since left, because you left for over 6 months with no communication, so a group of us got together and formed a group. Sorry, that you feel that I mutinied against you that was not in my intentions. I also never had any dealings with the BFRO or GCBRO. I understand that you are angered at these accusations against you, but please keep them directed at those that have made comments against you.Nathan Davis

    • Cherish says:

      Jeffery even if the things on here weren’t true. You just reacted like it was!! You sound like a kid calling ppl names like that!! I think Ur the one with issues!!!

  4. AMS says:

     I am far from a bigfoot believer.  However,Jeffrey,  I hope you realize that your response only promotes the acuzations against you.  You placed personal attacks and used very unprofessional language.  I astounded by your comment that she is “TOO damn lazy to work and suffers from mental illness as well as hypochondria!”  I do not know this lady, but even if it is true, I would think you would be a little more sensitive to someone who does not have a job and has a mental illness given the fact that you have lost jobs in the past and spent time hospitalized for mental illness.  If you want the reputation of a professional, you should act like one.

    • Steve says:

      My regards but not surprised. A raging alcoholic who never takes responsibility for anything he has done. It’s always been everyone else to blame. And the lies he will tell on people are atrocious and shameful. No loss take my word for it you lucked out and would have been more than likely hoaxed. What I and my wife have seen personally from Teagle is very questionable just like his stories.

  5. Nathan says:

    I, too, was taken aback by Mr. Teagle’s response, especially since he was not at Standing Stone State Park on those days in question. I checked in with the rangers countless times on May 20 and 21. Each time they said he hadn’t checked in yet. You can’t get the key to the cabin without checking in. He did in fact reserve the cabin, so why he wasn’t there confused them, too. For good measure, I even knocked on rustic cabin No. 1, but no one was there. No of the cabins those days were occupied. I feel Mr. Teagle might benefit from some therapy. 

  6. graham says:

    i have had encountered our other half of primate they are timid and very defensive. i am trying to find someone with the same ability to not only confront and see but to have true communication and understanding of their living environment and to co-exsist with modern human. can i get a resomce because i recently had an encounter and gain great knowledge about what to do next but i what some help can you? 

  7. Jose Agostini says:

    As I know Nathan By Johnny Henderson, he is a fine young man, I met him at Standing Stone back in 2007 in October, that was when he recorded the vocalization about 50 feet away from us by the cementery, that was my first experience with the foot. Standing Stone still one of the best places to hunt the foot.

    • zack says:

      jose I would be very interested in talking to you.  I have also been to Standing Stone several times. what part of tennessee do you live in? I live in Centerville now and I’m not able to go to SS as much. you can email me if you’d like at

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