Thanks a Billion, Snowflakes!

I was more than a little eager to get back to Philly, to return tomorrow to work since I missed much of last week to be here, and to focus feverishly on the business of traveling and writing.

But the specter of disappointment loomed.

In case you haven’t heard, an important blizzard blanketed the east coast with more than a foot of snow, causing major delays in air travel. Before leaving today for the airport, I checked Continental’s website, which said my flight was scheduled to land in Philly on time. But when I go to check-in, I double check with the lady working the counter. According to her computer, the flight was still on schedule, she said, adding, “That’s impossible.”


“Impossible,” she says. “Every flight before yours has been canceled. It looks like a lot of subsequent flights into Philadelphia have been, too.”

“What does that mean?”

It meant I would’ve made it to Cleveland, but not to Philly, leaving me with two options.

“Do you prefer to be stuck here or in Cleveland?”

The lady wasn’t sure how long I’d be stuck in Cleveland, but guessed at least through Wednesday.

“I’ll be stuck here, I suppose.”

So she re-books my flight.

“The earliest flight available is Friday.”

“You’re shitting me?”

“And it looks like you’ll have to take the Amtrak train from Newark to Philadelphia.”

Would toughing it out in Cleveland have been the responsible choice? It was certainly the most unappealing, so I chose the latter.

There goes my New Year’s Eve.

And a week’s pay.

And my ability to honor promises to my boss that I’d be back in time to finish helping her with her year-end report.

All thanks to a blizzard that caused thousands of canceled flights in and out of the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.

Dejected, I return to my father’s house, where my sisters were playing Wii with my father’s roommate, a retired bank robber. At 6:13 p.m., I received a call from Orbitz, through whom I purchased my plane ticket, informing my connecting flight out of Cleveland has been delayed – not by days, but an hour – that the new arrival time in Philly is 10 p.m. tonight.


Continental’s website bears this out.

What is the truth?

I can handle the truth!

Fuck it; it doesn’t matter.

Too late now.

I’m now in Madison, Wisconsin, where I’m STUCK until Friday.

New Year’s Eve plans subverted. Sorry, guys!

Hundreds of dollars in lost wages. Poof!

An important promise broken. Snap!

All because of a lousy storm.

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  1. elizabeth golbach says:

    Please stay out of my life. Please do not ever write about me good or bad.You are no longer a part of my life.You have through your evilness destroyed all of my love for you. There is nothing left. I will always and forever mourn Katie. I will always remember her kindness and her ability to forgive cruelty.My greatest fear after her death was that I MIGHT LOSE ANOTHER CHILD. Well today my fear became a reality. I have lost my second child. The difference is that I will not grieve this time. i will not speak of you. When asked how many children I have I will answer 2 daughters and one that is in heaven. You betrayed me, disrespected me, lied about me, hurt me, and humiliated in the most public of ways. You are mean and a very hurtful human.Lily asked you to remove your lie and you wouldn’t even do it for her. That is why I will do my best to protect her from you and your evilness.I am ashamed of your cowardliness. You run to an old woman and make up lies about me, you write lies for the world to read about me, you make up stories of being a crack baby, you write again for the world to read that Lily is who she is because she wasn’t raised by me. You have come into my home and told Lily and me that we have an ugly Christmas tree and that our house smells like piss.I have endured much, to much being your mother. You have single handedly killed all love and any desire I have had to somehow have a relationship with you. You have proven over and over that your only desire is to find ways to hurt me. Well congrats you did it. You are my second dead child. There are no complicated relationships because there is no you.Why did you remove your statement about me? Go ahead put it back in. You can’t hurt me anymore. You use to be quite cruel to Katie too. I never understood why.Well that doesn’t matter anymore either because Katie is dead.I have no feelings for you. They are gone, vanished. They completely died last night. It is strange that my heart aches for Katie everyday. My heart is void of absolutely all emotions regarding your demise.

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