12 Hours in Manhattan

Manhattan Island, New York – There was no point to the trip other than to just go, get out of Philly for a minute and walk around Manhattan without an itinerary or plans except to see some things and drink a lot. We bought our $25 round trip bus tickets to New York, and set out early Saturday morning for the Big Apple. Dustin, exhausted from his previous evening at a Prince concert in North Jersey, slept most of the way up, which was a smart move. Except for the times we sat on bar stools, we were on the go. I’m guessing we put close to 10 miles on our feet. No taxis. No subways. No buses.

No wonder Manhattanites are so fit and trim.

The great thing about New York is that its buildings, people and pace never fail to mesmerize. No itinerary is necessary because there’s just so much of everything that, no matter where you go, itineraries tend to self assemble. What to do is never a problem, but choosing what not to do is.

Here are some outtakes from our 12 hours in Manhattan.


  1. David says:

    I am so glad i found your site. Fantastic photos – thank you!!

  2. Turkey Tours says:

    Great post And Amazing Photos from Manhattan.I Really Enjoy.

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