A Day at the Jersey Shore

The work where I work is finally winding down after three fairly brutal months of very long days. Today is my second day off since January 16, yet I can’t shake the feeling, sitting here right now, that I’m losing money. With only a couple of paychecks left before I hit the road again, clocking as many hours before I’m laid off is imperative, especially with gas prices climbing the way they are.

I’m sure many of you have also been aghast these recent mornings upon seeing how much gas has spiked from the day previous. For me, petro is costing a small fortune. To say Purple Thunder guzzles gas is like calling Charlie Sheen a social drinker. Every six days she burns through $100 of petro, up from about $85 a few weeks ago. At roughly eleven miles to the gallon, it costs around $20 an hour to drive the bitch. And it’s only getting worse.

But every once in a while I catch a break. Yesterday, I received a letter from Orbitz.com, the flight-booking site I’ve used for the last three years. In the envelope was a check for $92 and a note.

“We promised you’d get the lowest price available on Orbitz… and we meant,” it read. “Here is your Orbitz Price Assurance Refund Check… Never overpay on Orbitz.”

Surprise money is the best money. Thank you Orbitz!

For those of you who check in regularly, my apologies for not posting much lately, but the job squeezes minutes from my life like nothing else. In a couple of weeks it’ll be over. I’ll be back on the road and posting more frequently.

Below are some pics from a recent trip to Atlantic City’s famed Boardwalk.


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