Bajito y Suavecito en Española

Española, NM – Española, New Mexico and Los Angeles, California have had a long-standing rivalry over which is the birthplace of the lowrider. No one really knows how lowrider culture emerged, but it is documented in both places as early as the late 1940s when people began weighing down the trunks of their vehicles so they nearly dragged along the ground. As the fad caught on, cities began passing ordinances requiring the car body to be a certain number of inches off the ground. Enter hydraulic suspension systems, which allowed lowriders to raise up their vehicles upon seeing lawman. Today, lowriders are bigger than ever. In Española today was a large qualifying competition for a national lowrider championship held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Below are some snapshots from the Española Lowrider Showdown.


  1. Aunt Linda says:

    I want that pink and black one! How was the music? Have you been watching that PBS series on Latino music in the US?

  2. oh man, this post oddly reminds me of my home, Puerto Rico. The only difference is that at home, they take rundown Toyotas and install thousand-dollar audio systems in them just so they can play their rated on music loudly and proudly. Oh, and don’t forget the fancy rims, which also cost a couple of grand. I never understood why they would spend so much money on an old car instead of getting a new one? haha :PWhen it comes to classic cars such as the ones pictured on your post, though, I get a different feeling. While I think it is still cheesy to make them jump and go side-by-side, I can somehow appreciate these modifications more 😛 don’t know if I’m making any sense…hahaha, hope you got me ;)Great photos by the way- Maria Alexandra<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Nomadic Translator LatinAbroad</a>

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