Journey Across a KY Cow Pasture

It was a sultry evening of electric-fence jumping, cowpie dodging, peacock chasing and tetanus skirting as I was taken on a tour of a sprawling cow pasture in southwestern Kentucky. What began as a visit to a wall built by slaves turned into a two-hour excursion through the lovely Kentucky countryside.

The cattle approached us curiously only to charge away upon our first step toward them. Creeks. Freshwater springs. Busted up mobile homes. Rusty farm equipment. An abandoned home that, if the rumors are believed, houses a dead body. (I didn’t want to verify this.) And yes, peacocks. My guide had quite the knack for peacock calling. While the colorful creatures answered back, they never came close enough for a picture. “Have you ever seen a peacock?” she asked.

“Only at the zoo.”

“They have peacocks in zoos?” she laughed.

“I guess they’re not that exotic, huh?”

“Not around here.”

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