The Brat Wars

Madison, WI -Bratwursts became the proxy this weekend in the political battle between liberal Madison residents and Scott Walker, their Republican governor, whose war on the working class and jobless poor sparked massive protests earlier this year at Wisconsin’s capitol. Though the protests have waned, the anger has not.

This weekend, the city’s annual Bratfest charity drive became the new battleground, since the CEO of Bratfest’s chief sponsor, Johnsonville, has donated more than $20,000 over the last decade to a variety of Walker’s electoral campaigns. In response, at least three alternative Bratfests sprang up around Madison, a city hailed by some as “the Berkeley of the Midwest” and derided by others as “seventy-eight square miles surrounded by reality.”


  1. Jesse says:

    Some technical issues. 1. It will likely be argued at you that “JOHNSONVILLE DIDN’T DONATE TO WALKER!!!! PEOPLE WHO WORK AT JOHNSONVILLE DID!!!!” So, to nip that in the bud, I’d suggest you clarify that Johnsonville CEO Ralph Stayer has donated more than $20,000 to Scott Walker in various electoral capacities over the last decade. He made that money thanks to people buying his tube meat.2. The current boycott of Johnsonville isn’t simply because of Walker. Stayer has donated more than $15,000 to Sen. Randy Hopper’s recall campaign and $2000 to Sen. Alberta Darling’s recall campaign. The argument is that buying Johnsonville is allowing Stayer to dump money into anti-public sector worker candidates.

  2. Nathan says:

    Thanks for the clarifications Jesse! They’re much appreciated.

  3. angela says:

    Nickolas(4) loves this band, we have caught them 3 times by chance and every time he goes crazy.  And they have a way above par song list than most cover bands, diverse.

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