‘What I love about Nashville…’

Nashville, TN – Businesses along the Cumberland River in the Music City are back in business after floods swamped large sections of Nashville three weeks ago. Even though sub-pumps are still a-humming along the lower sections of Broadway, it might otherwise seem as though this part of Nashville never flooded at all. The river was still high, but spirits were higher. Dudes in cowboy hats and shitkickers, pretty girls, street musicians, tourists, bums and bouncers were out en masse yesterday afternoon shopping, eating and of course playing music. Preparations for June’s Country Music Awards were underway. As morning wore into afternoon, The Feral Scribe took some time to ask people what it was they love about Nashville.

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  1. brittany says:

     I see you were able to capture a pic. of the batman tower!! I am so happy that you were able to experiance what I love about Nashville, Listening to peoples stories because everyone has one but it just seems like Nashville opens them up to tell you about it!

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