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A Day at the Jersey Shore

The work where I work is finally winding down after three fairly brutal months of very long days. Today is my second day off since January 16, yet I can’t shake the feeling, sitting here right now, that I’m losing money. With only a couple of paychecks left before I hit the road again, clocking as many hours before I’m laid off is imperative, especially with gas prices climbing the way they are. I’m sure many of you have also been aghast these recent mornings upon seeing how much gas has spiked from the day previous. For me, petro is… Continue Reading

From Around the Travelsphere

Gypsies on the Move The New York Times takes us this week to Romania, where the historically reviled and largely uneducated Gypsy population is taking advantage of Europe’s porous borders and decamping the motherland for wealthier places. But some countries are taking controversial steps to keep them out. Boeing’s Space Tourism Plans Have Lift-Off Entering into a partnership with Space Adventures, Boeing aims to ferry astronauts and tourists to the space station by 2015. But will Congress let NASA be privatized? Start saving now just in case, because that window seat will set you back a few bucks. The Joy Continue Reading

Where have Dayton’s Gypsies Gone?

The Stanley Family vault in Woodland Cemetery. Dayton, OH – Woodland Cemetery spreads out across some 240-acres of rolling hills canopied by more than 3,000 trees, several of which are more than a century old. Here you will find buried such luminaries as the Wright Brothers, author Erma Bombeck and African-American poet Paul Dunbar. You’ll also walk above numerous figures whose contributions to progress are more recognizable than their names. Among them are the inventors of the cash register, the electric starter, the folding ladder, the pop-top can, moisture-proof cellophane and the Oh Henry! candy bar. But whose grave I’m… Continue Reading