Final Days in Philly

Philadelphia schools have made dispiriting headlines lately. Last year, more than 6,000 students and 500 teachers were assaulted. This elementary school sign near my house is emblematic of the tatters the city and its schools are in.

At last, April is here, which, for me, means shoring up life’s odds and ends in preparation for another journey around America. Namely, this entails getting Purple Thunder, my trusty Ford E-150 Conversion Van, in proper working order. Those that follow this blog regularly will recall the electrical mishaps that put a wrinkly in an otherwise spectacular adventure last summer. While that issue is resolved, Purple Thunder is currently experiencing what I think is an air flow or timing problem. No biggie. I’m taking her in next week for routine maintenance and will have Ernie look into it. Not long after that I’ll be decamping Philly for good.

That’s right! After three years, I’m bidding farewell to the City of Brotherly Love.

I can’t say where exactly my travels this year will take me. I was eyeing a sojourn to Alaska in May, but that plan has been scrapped, in part because airfares are crazy high right now. Gas prices being what they are, I sometimes wish all the noise in the Middle East would’ve waited until fall. I mean, after decades, what’s a few more months of oppression?

I kid.

But on the flip side, the Saudis are now reportedly pumping more oil to offset the deficits caused by Libya’s civil war and political unrest elsewhere on the Arab street, but it’ll be several weeks before oil prices dip.

Interestingly, gas prices are nearly what they were when I moved to Philly three years ago. Likewise, I’m just as excited to leave here as I was to arrive, which makes me feel like the last three years were a really big waste of time. I know that it wasn’t. After all, had I not moved, there’d be no Feral Scribe. But in terms of advancing professionally, my time here has been a bust. It goes without saying that I’m not even a little wistful about moving on. But, during my final days here, I’m making a point to visit the places I’ve always wanted to but never have.

Last weekend, I finally checked out UPenn’s Museum of Archeology and Anthropology. Below are some snapshots of a few of the museum’s thousands of artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and other special exhibits.

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