From Around the Travelsphere

Travel news and notes for the week ending Sept. 25, 2010.

Visiting the Vatican? Better Cover Up
Call Dan Brown because there’s a new cover up going on in Vatican City. The religious authorities are refusing entry to tourists wearing what it claims is inappropriate attire.

China Discourages Travel to Japan
In the wake of an escalating diplomatic row involving a Chinese fishing boat that Japanese officials say entered its waters, China has now discontinued promoting tourism in Japan.

Documentary Explores Drug Cartel Travel Methods
The latest installment of a documentary series exploring the U.S.-Mexican border highlights drug smuggling routes across Arizona’s federally-owned lands.

After Garcia, The Dead Keep on the Long Strange Trip
As Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh turns 70, the band keeps on truckin’ 15 years after the death of its most iconic member.

Follow Your Intuition When Van Dwelling
Writer Curtis Carper, whose Stealth Van Dwelling blog is a must read for car campers, offers important advice on the role intuition plays when hunkering down for the night in unfamiliar locales.

Featured Site
Filing regular dispatches from “the muddy backwaters of the travel blogosphere,” Erik Gauger’s 11-year-old Notes From the Road chronicles his worldly adventures. The beauty of this site is borne on Gauger’s large format photography, which is absolutely breathtaking.

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