Goals: Past & Present

UW-Madison Arboretum in southwest Madison, WI.

Going into 2011 I expected to at least double last year’s number of posts. At that point I was eying an extended summer road trip followed by an autumn overseas. Neither happened. Now, as 2012 approaches, I end 2011 with considerably fewer posts than in 2010.

So much for goals.

I was never good at them anyhow.

Did everyone have good Thanksgiving? Mine was good, aside from the carbon monoxide thing, and then the turkey catching fire thing. In the end, they added up to a whole lot of nothing and we ate heartily.

December is here, which means the holiday season is again upon us. So I bought myself a Christmas present today a video game called Call of Duty: Black Ops. I haven’t played video games since the eighth grade, but for some reason I’ve had in recent weeks a hankering for good, first-person shoot’em up-type game. On Thanksgiving, as the turkey burned, my friend’s twin boys hooked me on the game. So far today I’ve spent two hours killing Cold War-era Russians.

My goal is to complete all the levels by Christmas.

Between shooting Russians and churning out freelance assignments, I’ve been also writing a book that I started researching in October 2007. It’s a true story about friendship, greed and betrayal set in the context of America’s drug war. The story centers around a marijuana dealer named Amos Mortier who went missing from a Madison suburb in 2004. His disappearance sparked a major federal drug investigation reaching across five states and into Canada. Mortier has never been found none among a pool of suspects has ever been charged with his presumed murder.

My goal is to have a manuscript by April.

And, if all goes well, I’ll be back on the road by May.





  1. Hopefully 2012 is a better year for completing your goals! Hope you get back on the road in May.

  2. Samual James says:

    Well you got good plans , wish you best of luck for 2012 and to see you around soon.
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  3. It’s great to set goals and make steps towards completing them.  I’m currently in that process right now in a number of different areas.

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