My 200 Day Weekend Begins

Yesterday officially kicked off my 200 Day Weekend, being that Friday was my last day at work. Still, I woke early, brewed coffee and made French Toast and spent more than 12 hours watching a Star Trek: Next Generation marathon. The rain fell hard most of the day, so I don’t feel bad wasting the first official day of my elongated weekend. Unless misfortune strikes, I have 199 more in my pocket.

I’d like to begin traveling ASAP, but I’ve got business to shore up in Philly before my lease expires on April 30. More importantly, Purple Thunder needs some fixes. Not only is she idling poorly, stalling occasionally, and revving up erratically, but she’s also leaking gasoline. This happens only while I pump. When the 15 gallon mark is reached it begins dripping out. But when the pumping stops, so does the leak. In the course of filling up I lose about a gallon. It’s a little unnerving to watch an ever-expanding gas puddle roil out from beneath the vehicle. The last thing I need is to become a burn victim.

If all goes well, which I expect it will, Purple Thunder again will be roadworthy.

That is until new trouble arises.




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