Sunday 7: Songs to Make You Jump

I’ve been in Ohio for several days now. It’s a depressing state. All anyone talks about is the jobs that have been lost, people being jailed for defaulting on child support, meth addicts and how there is nothing to do around here. It’s true. There is nothing to do. In Dayton, everyone told me to check out the Oregon District, billing it as the most happening place around. But on a Friday evening, the Oregon District was like a ghost town. The most hoppin’ place I found was a McDonald’s, where a gaggle of kids with pick-up trucks seemed content to spend the evening drinking Buds in the parking lot. Ah, the tedium of rural Midwestern life. It got me thinking a lot about jumping – off bridges. Ohio has lots of bridges, which probably isn’t a good thing for a state with lots of unhappy people. So this Sunday, The Feral Scribe looks at songs about jumping, dedicated to the folks of Ohio, who deserve a break.

Loverboy: Jump

Van Halen: Jump

Kriss Kross: Jump

The Pointer Sisters: Jump (For My Love)

House of Pain: Jump

Madonna: Jump

Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado: Jump

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  1. Iris says:

    I feel vindicated knowing that my hatred for OHIO is well founded.   If you go to Youngstown(I do not recommend), please note the over use of the word vindicated.  The local news paper is THE VINDICATOR, so, therefore it is the only big word that people around there use.  Never live in Ohio unless you hate yourself.

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