Sunday 7: Fathers’ Day Songs

Father’s come in all varieties. Some are awesome. Yet some are sex offenders. Others deal drugs. Many don’t pay child support. Many of these are alcoholics or drug addicts. Father’s are sometimes detached emotionally, strict or domineering. Some don’t spend time with their kids at all. Others demand too much. Sometimes fathers murder their kids, though this is statistically a woman’s undertaking.

Fatherhood for some is really challenging. Fortunately, most fathers do an a-okay job. They might get an occasional DUI, keep a mistress or get into a fist fight here and there, but over all they tend to be good people who care, even if they are difficult for the rest of the family to deal with.

Today is Fathers’ Day, which doesn’t discriminate between good and bad dads. It’s all inclusive. Even if, as a father, you’re somewhat a fuck up, this day is still for you. Depending on how loved you are, you might even get dinner and gifts, too. In the spirit of Fathers’ Day, The Feral Scribe in this week’s Sunday 7 features songs honoring those imperfect, oft times deeply flawed, and incorrigible men who raise their progeny in sometimes contemptible, albeit special ways.

The Tempations: Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Neil Young: Old Man

Horace Silver: Song for My Father

Harry Chapin: Cats in the Cradle

Everclear: Father of Mine

Tupac: Papa’z Song

The Beach Boys: I’m Bugged at My Ol’ Man

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