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What makes a spot bad or good? Proximity to things – bars, stores, laundry mats. County fairs tend to be self-contained, with the local 4-H chapters selling burgers and ice cream, as well as food[…]

Loud but Peaceful: A Day of Protests Posted on Madison, WI – Altering the character of a state is relatively easy. First, you simply have your party take control of all three branches of government.[…]

It’s difficult to put a precise date on when my recovery began because it is never as simple as not using or just saying no. No recovery is without its setbacks, but recovering from addiction[…]

Image by Kim Herbst This investigative work, written by yours truly, originally ran in the Aug. 13, 2015 issue of Isthmus, one of the best alt-weeklies in America. Gregory Humphrey was mowing his lawn on[…]

A woman battered this truck after finding it parked outside a motel late one night. Western North Dakota—Night has fallen on a particularly grueling, but otherwise unmemorable rainy day. A man who assembles the steel[…]

La Grange, KY – Yesterday was chore day. Clean and organize Purple Thunder. Take stock of my food stuffs. Fold my blankets. Re-situate my books which fly in all directions during sharp turns. Do laundry.[…]

MADISON, WI –– Hello My Dear Fans, I’ve been away for a very, very longtime and here is why: I’m in the final throes of nine-year project that began as an idea for a humble[…]

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