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Last weekend in Waunakee, Flo, the Romanian orphan, was placed with me on the Fun Slide. He worked the top of the slide, helping the kids onto the gunnysacks and ensuring the long line kept[…]

Brent Delzer, 36, is currently serving a three-year federal prison sentence after pleading guilty in August to one count of conspiracy to traffic marijuana. “The Worst Summer Camp Ever” is a series of Delzer’s dispatches[…]

The weekend of July 4, 2010, was one for the books. Ecstatic about being in Monona, next to Madison, many in our crew took full advantage of the celebratory air. While the older Carnies recalled[…]

Commerce City, CO – When hashing out the logistics of big projects I can always count on one thing: forgetting something important. Halfway to Denver I realized I’d forgotten several important things. First was a[…]

I was more than a little eager to get back to Philly, to return tomorrow to work since I missed much of last week to be here, and to focus feverishly on the business of[…]

Rio Arriba County, NM – Land of Enchantment is a supremely apt description for New Mexico. As someone last night said of the landscape, It really draws you in. Indeed, northern New Mexico is otherworldly.[…]

Sunday in La-La Land Posted on Madison, WI – This city is if full of weirdos and quacks and people too enlightened for their own good. On this Sunday, The Feral Scribe took note of[…]

Overton County, TN – Earlier this year I spoke with Jeffrey Teagle, the self-proclaimed Chattahoochee Bigfoot researcher, about accompanying him on a bigfoot research expedition. He replied that in May, him, Janice Carter and Igor[…]

Western North Dakota—When I took over the motel a few weeks back, I had one housekeeper, hardly sufficient for 52 rooms. So I began asking for more help because I didn’t want to clean rooms.[…]

Sunbathers on a pier at the UW Memorial Union. So, I feel really bad neglecting my duties here at The Feral Scribe. As you may have guessed from the dateline, I’m still in Madison. I’m […]

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