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Small Town, North Dakota—So this girl and her man come in yesterday, a cute little couple from Indiana. He looks All-American while she was some kind of bitchy little twat with an outsized attitude. They[…]

Everybody has got something to hide except for me and my monkey, John Lennon sang. The Internets are a remarkable tool, half of the time. The other half, it’s remarkably irritating. Great for news, porn–news[…]

I like that there are Carnie Children. Traveling with us is Peaches, a bright 15-year-old who runs the balloon game with her grandmother, Claire. On weekends, Jasmine, 8, comes with her mother, Danielle. Sometimes, there’s[…]

Española, NM – After driving 23 hours over three days I at last arrived at my new home in Española, New Mexico, located in the north central part of the state. It’s a beautiful part[…]

Carnies bridge jumping in Spooner, WI. Yesterday we decamped Black River Falls, tearing down our bunkhouses in the rain. Having come off a five-day spot, and without a full day off since July 3, everyone’s[…]

Since joining the carnival in mid-June, I’ve been consistently surprised by just how safe the rides are. Unsurprisingly, most accidents are caused by rider mishaps or a failure to follow directions, like the kid in[…]

Tomorrow The Feral Scribe begins an interesting new leg of the this summer 2010 adventure: as a carnie. That’s right, for the next several weeks I’m traveling around the Midwest with a carnival. I found[…]

W.B. shows off his warning for trespass. Western North Dakota—Last night a couple of the housekeepers, all of whom are from Cape Verde, stopped by the office to tell me about the racist man working[…]

As a little girl, Davin Jael couldn’t wait to grow up so she could trade the tedium of rural Maine for the excitement and wonder of everywhere else. Not unhappy, but restless, Davin left home[…]

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