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Tomorrow The Feral Scribe begins an interesting new leg of the this summer 2010 adventure: as a carnie. That’s right, for the next several weeks I’m traveling around the Midwest with a carnival. I found[…]

 Harrisburg, PA – It was a chilly morning in Harrisburg, but tempers were raging hot on the statehouse steps as some 400 pro-gun activists rallied in support of what they claim is the federal[…]

Lynxville, WI – Takeaway its river banks, its forested bluffs, its three taverns, one motel and not much is left of Lynxville, except for the 174 people who still call the 1.4 square-mile village home.[…]

West Carrolton, OH – In a strip mall on Central Avenue, in the very rear of a very large indoor flea market, is the Morningstar Arena, a brightly lit and colorful space where, on this[…]

Brittany, 26, and Evan, 9-months. Rockfield, KY – I’ve been in southeastern Kentucky longer than I expected. I came here to do a story on the methamphetamine problem, a topic that, like addiction in general,[…]

photo pulled from Google Images Butler County, OH – For the last several days I’ve been hating on Ohio. Except for my visits to Woodland Cemetery in Dayton and hanging with wrestlers in West Carrollton,[…]

Walworth County, WI – Early last week, 14 grade school students from the Four Winds Waldorf School outside of Chicago visited Turducken Farms in Walworth County, Wisconsin, for three days of agricultural and naturalist education.[…]

Bad Trips After saving for nearly five years, British backpacker Rebecca Callaghan, 21, was two weeks into a three-month adventure when a rogue wave on a Thai beach swept her from the arms of her[…]

Year in review features are the best, the way they wax all nostalgic on events we grew tired of hearing about as they happened the first time. These neatly packaged retrospectives of natural disasters, sensational[…]

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