Comp time

Philadelphia, PA – Philly is short on many things but criminal intrigue isn’t one of them. Really, Law and Order should’ve come here instead of Los Angeles, a cliched backdrop for any drama. Were L&O‘s[…]

Bangor, WI, wasn’t only the last spot I worked before jumping off the carnival, it also has the distinction of being one of the creepiest cities I’ve ever visited. Technically, it’s a village, with an[…]

La Grange, KY – Yesterday was chore day. Clean and organize Purple Thunder. Take stock of my food stuffs. Fold my blankets. Re-situate my books which fly in all directions during sharp turns. Do laundry.[…]

Bowling Green, KY – This town, home of Western Kentucky University, might just be one of the most photographed cities in the nation. It seems like every one I’ve met here, including the kids in[…]

The state capitol in Madison, WI. Madison, WI – I’ve been back home for nearly a month now. The plan was to drop off my belongings, which I hauled back from Philly, then head south[…]

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