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Home Sweet Home

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The state capitol in Madison, WI.

Madison, WI – I’ve been back home for nearly a month now. The plan was to drop off my belongings, which I hauled back from Philly, then head south along the Mississippi to New Orleans. Based on the destruction from the gazillion tornadoes that have torn through Missouri and other states, I’d argue the decision to not leave right away was somewhat fortuitous. Although, I am pretty certain the new ultra-wide angle lens I purchased this week would’ve captured the destruction well.

I began working on a cover story for Madison’s weekly tabloid for both the cash and the glory. The downside is that tracking down people who don’t want to be found or contacted takes up a bunch of time and has delayed my departure further. But that’s okay. After being away three years, it’s nice to chill and not feel rushed when visiting with friends. Besides, the weather is shitty almost everywhere. I learned last year that beginning a road trip during spring means a lot of time spent inside the van or in libraries, malls and bars on account of the constant rain.

Rather than rush things, I’m going to kick it here in the hometown for a minute and spend some days exploring the Upper Midwest, a backyard I’ve barely stepped foot in. It’s a classic example of taking for granted the things around you. All these years I’ve been so enamoured by how amazing and beautiful everywhere else was that I brushed aside the fact that Wisconsin and Minnesota have some of the greatest geography and strangest towns in the nation.

You’ll see.

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