Joining the Carnival



Joining the Carnival

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Tomorrow The Feral Scribe begins an interesting new leg of the this summer 2010 adventure: as a carnie.

That’s right, for the next several weeks I’m traveling around the Midwest with a carnival. I found an ad on Craiglist and within a day I get a call. The lady tells me she needs me up in Rosholt, WI, by midday Sunday. She became really excited upon learning I have a valid driver’s license, adding that driver’s earn more.

So that’s that. I’m running off to join the carnival for a few weeks, after which time I’ll head south, toward the Gulf, where oil has been gushing from a broken pipeline for 60 days, visiting friends along the way.

It’s an unexpected twist in my travels this summer, but the randomness of the road is precisely why I love traveling. I’ve met a grip of amazing people thus far. I can’t imagine my fellow carnies will be any less interesting.

Stay tuned…

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