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Sidetracked in Madison | The Feral Scribe

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Sunbathers on a pier at the UW Memorial Union.

So, I feel really bad neglecting my duties here at The Feral Scribe. As you may have guessed from the dateline, I’m still in Madison. I’m  awaiting decisions that will assist me in figuring out what to do with my life.

Earlier this week I had a job interview that may or may not have gone well (I can never tell). It was one of those rare opportunities that I jumped at, though I’m pretty sure I’ll be edged out by someone with more experience. A decision will likely soon be made, at which time I’ll know whether I’m here for the long-term or off to the American southwest for several months more of adventuring.

Also this week, I finished a long feature that will appear in Isthmus, Madison’s alt-weekly newspaper. I won’t go into details, but will post the story here once it’s published. It’s a doozy.

I’m also helping the paper fill its news hole due to the departure of its longtime news editor, who I’m personally sad to see go. The best editors are those you learn from and I’ve learned an incredible amount from this guy. Plus, it’s not often you get to write for someone whose work you read while growing up. He’s off to work for the Center for Investigative Journalism. Good luck to him.

I’ve been enjoying my time back here. After being away for three years, it’s been nice to have some time to repatriate myself, enjoy some domestic solitude and indulge in some favorite ‘Sconnie culinary traditions – cheese curds, bratwursts and beers being among my favorites. All that sitting I did at my Philly job made me fat, so I have to be careful with the Wisconsin eats. A heart can only take so much.

I am relieved the heat wave that scorched the Upper-Midwest this week has given way to more tolerable temperatures. This weekend will feel like spring-proper, sunny and mid-70s. Being here so long (a month) I feel like I’m wasting away my summer, but then realize summer hasn’t even begun!

There is still plenty of time.

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