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Sunday in La-La Land | The Feral Scribe

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Sunday in La-La Land

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Madison, WI – This city is if full of weirdos and quacks and people too enlightened for their own good. On this Sunday, The Feral Scribe took note of a few events that occurred around the city, showcasing community-owned ethos regarding public spaces. First was a bring-your-own picnic and boom box event held on an unused slice of public land once slated to become an urban village. The second involved bicyclists who overtook two of Madison’s arterial roads and the third concerned a city-endorsed tent town that sprouted up this weekend across from the Capitol building.

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1The wasteland is a several acre plot of land that lays barren along one of Madison2People came to "boom box the wasteland," by simultaneously tuning their boom boxes into WORT 89.9, the city3Dancer4The children took a stab a pretentious abstract art.5The teens weren6Instead of pictures, some adults wrote meaningless phrases.7This woman was paraded around the round-a-bout, then gently set down on the grass.8Though music was pumped into the air through boom box speakers, some made their own music.9Trumpet10This performance would11I don12But getting around today wasn13Purple Thunder could have taken them all down.14On the Square, a bunch of people that the City of Madison allowed to set up a little tent town hung out in "Walkerville" to protest Gov. Scott Walker15All day, Walkerville residents sat across from the Capitol building, though it was a Sunday and laws normally aren16I17Live Music18Future HSED cadidates.19The entertainment. Ya know, they were all right.20Walkerville21Tomorrow, the Republicans who control the Legislature will return to this building and do a lot of things people in Madison won

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