The World of Freelance

  • Soon, the freelancer will be “mainstream”

The study opens the fire with the figures of the freelancer on the American territory: in 2016, they are 53 million nationals to have chosen this way of life, which represents 40% of the workforce overseas. In France, there are about 700 000 freelancers for 25.8 million workers or 3% of the workforce. For now!

Because these figures are of course growing, on both sides of the ocean, and the infrastructures linked to this new way of life are developing at high speed V: in particular Coworking spaces (article Coworking !!), but also web solutions and platforms for connecting freelancers with their customers. In other words, the “freelancing” becomes “mainstream”, in other words “in the standard”. This is an undeniable fact as far as the new freelancer trends are concerned.

  • The new standard contract in company

Second, the “freelancing” is destined to spread: not only as a new way of life, but as a new standard contract within companies. According to the study quoted above, ” the career will tomorrow consist of hundreds of short-term missions, spread over a lifetime “. Missions that are easier to manage, with a clear and precise result objective. Startups will probably be the most demanding: because they both have pressing growth objectives and are reluctant to commit themselves to the long term.

  • Freelancers will have a better standard of living

Freelance Work. Portrait Of Beautiful Smiling Woman Typing On Keyboard, Using A Laptop Computer. Female Freelancer Working On Notebook On Terrace Balcony At Cafe. Technology, Business People Concept

Among the new freelance trends, there is also an increase in fees, based on a simple principle: the multiplication of freelance status, to the detriment of full-time employee status, will influence the demand of companies for qualified profiles. This reversal of supply and demand will lead to increased competition and thus to higher prices for the independents.

  • Freelancers will be slashers »

Be slasher is to combine several forms of employment contract. Thus, among the new freelancer trends to come, we note the accentuation of this lifestyle among the self-employed, distinguishing between two main types of profile:

  1. The passionate profile, which combines a “food” job to ensure his lifestyle, and a freelance activity called “passion” (writing, photography, sculpture, etc.) ;
  2. The calculator profile, which combines part-time employment in a company (always paid a little more, compared to the same full-time job) and a freelance activity, whether it is his passion or not.

A double hat which ” is no longer the sign of marginality but on the contrary an ability to juggle several spheres of competence “, as explained in his article on the freelance phenomenon.

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  • Freelancers will remain so longer

Sedentary work is attracting fewer and fewer candidates among the X and Y generations. mobility and flexibility in work offer advantages which cannot be compared with those offered by traditional enterprises. Once they have successfully returned to the freelancer world, few are willing to leave it and go back to business. This infographic on the new freelance trends bears witness to this.

  • The paths will disappear

Since each freelancer is responsible for his or her own path, for his or her missions, for his or her clients, and a fortiori, for his or her skills to be promoted and for the training to be followed to acquire them, it is likely that the career paths all mapped out will fade away, to the benefit of workers who demonstrate common sense, determination and anticipation in order to build their own lives.

  • Talent agencies will multiply

Finally, among the new freelancer trends, we can guess that the headhunter companies will only be reserved for profiles from the “classic” business world, or models, athletes and artists: from now on, they will also be looking for “the rare bird” in the pool of freelancers.

To conclude, will the freelancing make it possible to revive our economies? One thing is certain, it represents more innovation, more competition, more opportunities, and more jobs.